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M.F.D. (DC punk) MFD Seventeen/Rabid/Benji/Sold My Shoes USA 7" EPw/PS , DC punk produced by Tom Lyle from Government Issue, #d edition of 300 copies, BOX 8103/8246 $15.00 PUNK
M.F.D. (DC punk) MFD Chapter 3 EP(4 Songs) US PS VG++ prod. by TOM LYLE,x-GI D.C. punk BOX 8104/8246 $11.00 PUNK
M.F.D. (DC punk) MFD All Of This/10 Gallons/Find Your Mind US PS EX D.C. punk pd.Tom Lyle, BOX 8103/8104/8134/8246 $10.00 PUNK
M.F.D. (DC punk) MFD STORM EP: w/Out Walking/Colorbox/Warped Country/Storm, PS, lyric sheet insert, large center, GREEN vinyl, DSI/Old World split release, DC punk, í89 EX Tom Lyle produced BOX 8104/8102 $12.00 PUNK
M.F.D. (DC punk) MFD Boris The Spider/Passenger Train USA PS on DSI DJ copy, BLUE marble vinyl, EX, BOX 8104/8245 $25.00 PUNK
M/A/R/R/S Punp Up The Volume USA DJ 4:06 radio edit USA DJ 7" 45 BOX 8024 $7.00 RARE
M/A/R/R/S (SOUL) Pump Up The Volume/Anitina (Bad 707) UK 12 inch singletest press Bad 707 box1001 $20.00 LPs
M/A/R/R/S (SOUL) Pump Up The Volume USA DJ 4:06 radio edit S/S 4th & Broadway 7432, BOX 8136 $7.00 RARE
M-3’s (SOUL) Funny Cafe/So Give Me Love USA DJ wol VG+ ABC PARAMOUNT 10772, BOX 8102 $15.00 RARE
MAC KINNON,RAUN Color Wheel/Chicken Little USA DJ late 60s, female-psych-soul-folk hybrid, KAPP 888, EX BOX 8104 $15.00 GIRLS
MacCOLL,KIRSTY Angel/3:52 Jay’s Edit of ANGEL UK PS EX BOX 8110 $12.00 GIRLS
MacCOLL,KIRSTY He’s On The Beach/Please Go To Sleep UK PS VG++ STIFF 225, 1985 BOX 8110 $16.00 GIRLS
MacCOLL,KIRSTY Walking Down Madison/One Good Thing UK PS Virgin 1348, ’91, with small promo sticker on sleeve, BOX 8110 $12.00 GIRLS
MacCOLL,KIRSTY All I Ever Wanted/Chip Shop(live radio version) UK PS VG+ BOX 8110 $7.00 GIRLS
MacCOLL,KIRSTY Innocence/Clubland UK PS VG++ BOX 8110/8142 $11.00 GIRLS
MacCOLL,KIRSTY Caroline/Irish Cousin UK PS EX from 1995, BOX 8048 $11.00 GIRLS
MacCOLL,KIRSTY My Affair/All The Tears(non-LP w/POGUES) UK PS VG++ BOX 8119/8142/ $11.00 GIRLS
MacCOLL,KIRSTY They Donít Know/Motor On UK 7" pic disc STIFF 47 VG++ BOX 8110/8118/ $18.00 GIRLS
MacCOLL,KIRSTY Days/Happy UK PS VG++ BOX 8142 $11.00 GIRLS
MacCOLL,KIRSTY There’s A Guy Down../Hard To Believe/Chop Shop C&W version UK PS VG++ Polydor 250 BOX 8023 $18.00 GIRLS
MacCOLL,KIRSTY A New England/Patrick UK PS on Stiff, foto of her on front VG++ BOX 8091/8110 $12.00 GIRLS

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