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APB What Kind Of Girl( Are You ?)(English version)/(American version) USA DJ on Sleeping Bag 12, small center hole, EX, BOX 8094/8119 $15.00 RARE
APB What Kind Of Girl?(radio version)/(instrumental) UK PS EX BOX 8036/8184 $12.00 RARE
APB Open Your Eyes/Sunset Song UK(no PS), Red River ythan 3 86 EX BOX 8036/8184 $10.00 RARE
APB Palace Filled With Love/All Your Life With Me UK PS Oily slick 8 82 EX BOX 8184 $15.00 RARE
APB Rainy Day/From You & Back To You UK PS EX Oily Slick 9 82 BOX 8036/8055/8184 $15.00 RARE
APB One Day/Help Yourself UK PS 83 OILY slick 3 EX BOX 8036 $15.00 RARE
APB Summer Love/Is The Music Loud Enough? UK PS EX BOX 8036 $15.00 RARE
APB Something To Believe In/So Many Broken Hearts UK radio version TEST PRESS 7" 45 BOX 8184036 $18.00 RARE

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