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ASH Burn Baby Burn/13th Floor UK PS 1001 EX BOX 8032/8137 $9.00 RARE
ASH Renegade Cavalcade/Shockwave UK gtfld #d PS EX $8.00 RARE
ASH Starcrossed/Cool It Down UK PS #d $8.00 RARE
ASH Orpheus/Everbody’s Happy Nowadays(Buzzcocks cvr) UK PS gtflf #d ed, BOX 8158 $13.00 RARE
ASH A Life Less Ordinary(4:00 radio edit) w/ins. UK promo CD ashcdj1 $8.00 CD
ASH Burn Baby Burn (3:27 radio edit)(3:28 LP) w/ins. USA promo CD KOCH $6.00 CD
ASH Shining Light/Warmer Than Fire UK PS EX $8.00 RARE
ASH Oh Yeah(2 vers.)/T.Rex/Everywhere UK PS 33 1/3 yellow vinyl BOX 8192/8219 $15.00 RARE
ASH Life Less Ordinary/Where Is/What Deaner UK PS blue v. $10.00 RARE
ASH Jesus Says/Taken Out UK PS EX BOX 8092 $9.00 RARE
ASH Angel Interceptor/5 A.M./Give Me Some Truth UK PS #’d ed., #05361, in BOX 8219 $15.00 RARE

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