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ASSOCIATES Party Fears Two/It’s Better This Way UK PS EX asc1 BOX 8009 $15.00 RARE
ASSOCIATES Breakfast/Breakfast Alone UK 7" pic disc EX BOX 8038/8064/8198 $9.00 RARE
ASSOCIATES Fever/Fever In Shadows UK PS M- $4.00 RARE
ASSOCIATES Q Quarters/Kissed UK PS VG++ $8.00 RARE
ASSOCIATES Take Me To The Girl/Perhaps UK PS VG++ WEA yz 47 (flip produced by Martin Ware) Billy MacKenzie wrote both sides 1985 BOX 8055 $11.00 RARE
ASSOCIATES White Car In Germany/The Associate UK PS EX SIT 2 11 BOX 8024 $11.00 RARE
ASSOCIATES 18 Carat Love Affair/Voluntary Wishes/Love Hangover UK PS 12" VG++ $12.00 LPs
ASSOCIATES Waiting For The Loveboat(ext & Peel vers.)/Schampout UK PS 12 $11.00 LPs
ASSOCIATES Kitchen Person/An Even Whiter Car UK PS EX BOX 8034 $15.00 RARE
ASSOCIATES :as 39 LYON ST,Kites/A Girl Named Property UK PS RSO 78 VG++ BOX 8144 $15.00 RARE
ASSOCIATES The Affectionate Punch/You Were Young UK PS Fiction 11, 1980, BOX 8009 $18.00 RARE
ASSOCIATES Breakfast/Breakfast Alone UK PS VG++ BOX 8085 $8.00 RARE
ASSOCIATES A Matter Of Gender/Dogs In The Wild(instrumental) UK PS EX Fiction 16, 1982 BOX 8025 $11.00 RARE
ASSOCIATES Waiting For the Loveboat(slight return)/Club Country(Club version) UK PS promo edit of POPERETTA EP BOX 8064 $12.00 RARE
ASSOCIATES Just Can’t Say Goodbye/1-2-3(Len Barry song) UK PS VG++ 1001 Circa 56 BOX 8064 $12.00 RARE
ASSOCIATES Message Oblique Speec h/Blue Soap PS UK Situation 2/sit 10 VG++ BOX 8077/8079 $15.00 RARE
ASSOCIATES Those First Impressions/Thirteen Feelings UK PS VG++ BOX 8085/ $9.00 RARE
ASSOCIATES Heart Of Glass/Her Only Wish UK PS VG++ BOX 8085 $8.00 RARE
ASSOCIATES Club Country/G. Itís You Again UK PS EX BOX 8009/8046 $10.00 RARE

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