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L7 Monster/Used To Love Him UK PS numbered, VG++ GREEN vinyl, BOX 8242/8245 $15.00 PUNK
L7 Pretend Were Dead/Shitlist UK PS VG++L RED vinyl, numbered sleeve, LASH 34, BOX 8216/ $14.00 PUNK
L7 Pretend Were Dead/Fast & Frightening UK PS VG++LASH 42, BOX 8191 $8.00 RARE
L7 Keep On Rocking-Peel Sessions boot EP w/PS $10.00 PUNK
L7 Keep On Rocking-Peel Sessions boot EO w/PS $10.00 PUNK
L7 Drama(3:14 each,Piss Off and Piss On vers.),design lbl,back ins. USA promo $7.00 CD
L7 Andres/The Bomb UK poster PS EX green vinyl #d ed., box 8136/8242 $14.00 PUNK
L7 Off The Wagon/Guera(non-LP)USA limited 7" 45 Reprise 17403, 1997, BOX 8152/9211 $8.00 RARE
L7 Can I run/Baggage USA PS promo only 45, Slash/Reprise 7783 from 1995, BOX 8192 $20.00 RARE

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