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U2 Pride/4th Of July IRISH CBS 4727, from third 4-pack, w/PS VG++ BOX 8176 $11.00 RARE
U2 Angel Of Harlem/Room At Heartbreak Hotel USA PS VG++ BOX 8019/8068/8176/8174 $7.00 RARE
U2 Discotheque(5:08)/Holy Joe(4:21 Garage mix) UK jukebox 45 ISL JB 649 í97 EX BOX 8071/81931 $12.00 RARE
U2 When Love Comes To Town(w/BB KING)/Dancing Barefoot US PS (harder(ps only box 8139))BOX 8019/8176 $12.00 RARE
U2 The Fly/Alec Descends UK PS VG++ BOX 8075/8191 $11.00 RARE
U2 Stay(Faraway So Close!)/Iíve Got You Under (Bono & FRANK SINATRA)USA (no PS) Island last copy, BOX 8239 $8.00 RARE
U2 Vertigo/same USA limited issue design label, on Interscope BOX 8220/8190 $15.00 RARE
U2 Desire/Hallelujah Here She Comes UK gtfld PS VG++ BOX 8181 $8.00 RARE
U2 Desire/Hallalujah...US PS gtfld EX BOX 8089/8021 $7.00 RARE
U2 Angel Of Harlem/At HB Hotel(E.Presley foto lbl) UK PS VG++ BOX 8019 $18.00 RARE
U2 All I Want Is You/Unchained Melody US PS VG++BOX 8090(ps only box 8139) $15.00 RARE
U2 Pride/4th Of July/Boomerang(inst.)/Boomerang UK PS 2-45 on Island, gatefold sleeve, in BOX 8243 $18.00 RARE

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