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WELLER,PAUL Peacock Suit/Eye Of The Storm UK PS #d edition2 box/8086 $13.00 RARE
WELLER,PAUL Sunflower/Bull-Rish(Magic Bus) UK PS EX BOX 8012 $10.00 RARE
WELLER,PAUL Sunflower(4:06 new radio mix) w/colorful crdbrd sleeve, Polydor CDP 1219 $8.00 CD
WELLER,PAUL Have You Made Up Your Weight/Rip Up The Pages(lynchmob Mix) UK PS on Island, BOX 8224 $10.00 RARE
WELLER,PAUL Wishing On A Star/Family Affair/Let It Be Me UK PS #d ed. $9.00 RARE
WELLER,PAUL Hereís The Good News/Super Lekker Stoned (Richard Fearless remix) UK limited gatefold sleeve $11.00 RARE
WELLER,PAUL Blink And Youíll Miss It/From The Floorboards/Hereís The Good News/Come On Letís Go UK PS 33 1/3 EP BOX 8200 $15.00 RARE
WELLER,PAUL Wild Blue Yonder/Small Personal Fortune/Start Of Forever(acoustic) UK label sleeve, non CD single $9.00 RARE
WELLER,PAUL Have You Made Up Your Mind/Echoes Around The Sun, UK 7" housed in a vintage Island sleeve, BOX 8224 $10.00 RARE

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