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XTC Love On A Farmboy’s Wages/+++ UK PS 2-45 EX $12.00 RARE
XTC All You Pretty Girls/Washaway UK ltd. die-cut PS VG++ $12.00 RARE
XTC Great Fire/Gold, UK special sleeve, 1983 Virgin 533 EX BOX 8212 $9.00 RARE
XTC Senses Working Overtime USA DJ stereo/stereo Epic 02875 VG++ BOX 8166 $9.00 RARE
XTC This Is Not The New..(promo CD w/Ballod Of Peter/Books Are Burning/Crocodile,sealed CRDBRD slv Geff 4396 $18.00 CD
XTC Ten Feet Tall/Helicopter/Somnambulist USA PS VG++ Virgin 67004 BOX 8086 $8.00 RARE
XTC Respectable Street/Strange Tales/Officer Blue PS Italy EX (large hole) BOX 8036 $18.00 RARE
XTC Mayor Of Simpleton USA PS DJ EX Geffen 27552 BOX 8072/8143/8097 $8.00 RARE
XTC Wonderland(remix)/Jump UK PS Virgin VS 606 EX BOX 8037 $10.00 RARE
XTC Wait Till Your Boat Goes Down/Ten Feet Tall UK PS VG++ BOX 8228 $15.00 RARE
XTC No THugs/Chain/Limelight/Rusty Water UK PS gtfld VG++ $15.00 RARE
XTC Mayor Of Simpleton/One Of Millions UK PS VG++ in BOX 8239 $8.00 RARE
XTC Ball & Chain/Punch & Judy/Heaven UK PS VG++ $8.00 RARE
XTC Disappointed/Smartest Monkeys UK PS EX VS 1404 BOX 8173/8182/8032/ $10.00 RARE
XTC Making Plans For Nigel-This Is Pop-Meccanik Dancing (Oh We Go) USA PS VG++ Virgin 67009, 1979, BOX 8245 $10.00 RARE
XTC Respectable Street/Strange Tales/Officer Blue UK PS VG++ BOX 8245 $9.00 RARE
XTC Generals And Majors/Living Through Another Cuba USA scarce 7" 45 VG++ RSO 200, 1980, from Black Sea, , in BOX 8196 $9.00 RARE

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