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808 STATE (EIGHT O EIGHT STATE) Cubik 98 (10"42 victor calerone remix, ZTT USA DJ CD single $8.00 CD
A PERFECT CIRCLE Judith/Orestes(demo)/Brena(live)/Magdalena(live) UK cd single w/ins. $18.00 CD
A PERFECT CIRCLE Mer De Noms promo CD sampler:6 songs,Judith(twice)/Hollow/3 Libras/+3 w/ins. $15.00 CD
ACE OF BASE Lucky Love,UK PROMO 2:52 front insert $6.00 CD
ADULT NET x-FALL Where Were You(When I Needed You)/Edie/Over The Iver CD single, Fontana brx cd 2, 1989, CD hold box $7.00 CD
AEROSMITH Livin’ On The Edge(3 vers.)w/inserts,’93 promo on Columbia,sealed $12.00 CD
AFGHAN WHIGS Somethin’ Hot(2:57 radio remix)(LP vers)USA dj CD 2 call-out hooks,color front ins. $5.00 CD
AFGHAN WHIGS HISTORECTOMY:8 song career sampler USA DJ CD,’98,front & back inserts $18.00 CD
AFGHAN WHIGS Going To Town(3:16)usa promo CD w/front insert w/’96 tour dates $5.00 CD
AFGHAN WHIGS 66,4 versions inc. live,USA promo CD w/insert $8.00 CD
AIR SUPPLY Stronger Than The Night,USA promo,4:18,back ins. $5.00 CD
ALABAMA Once Upon A Lifetime(4:13)back ins. ’92 RCA promo $8.00 CD
ALL AMERICAN REJECTS Time Stands Still(3:30) LP vers., back ins., USA DJ CD, DR 14202 $4.00 CD
AMOS,TORI In the springtime of his voodoo/5 versions w/inserts ATL 85475 $8.00 CD
AMOS,TORI Spark/purple people/have yoursel a merry little.../bachelorette ATL 84105 with insert $8.00 CD
AMOS,TORI Pretty good year/honey/black swan w/insert, EW 85677, german $8.00 CD

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