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Alpha Stone/Mirabilia split 45 Space Blues/The Sun Is My Father (7" Single) Italy PS CLEAR vinyl, BOX 8222 $15.00 RARE
DEE,JOEY & THE STARLITERS Peppermint Twist pt 1/pt 2 USA DJ wol VG+ ROULETTE4401, BOX 8187 $6.00 RARE
HAGGARD,MERLE From Graceland To the Promised Land USA DJ stereo each side, MCA 40804 1977 VG++ BOX 8000/8073 $7.00 RARE
PAUL McCATNEY and MICHAEL JACKSON Say Say Say/Ode To A Koala Bear PS Brazil BOX 8203 $15.00 RARE
’TIL TUESDAY Voices Carry/Are You Serious? PS Japan DJ label copy VG++ BOX 8010 $20.00 RARE
(R.E.M.) REM DoníT gO back To Rockville/Wolves UK PS IRS 107 í84 EX BOX 8009 $30.00 RARE
(R.E.M.) REM Fall On Me USA PS DJ S/S IRS 52883 EX BOX 8002/8078/8116 $8.00 RARE
(R.E.M.) REM Bad Day/Favorite Writer UK PS BOX 8059/8168 $8.00 RARE
(R.E.M.) REM Stand/Memphis Train Blues USA PS VG++ WB 27688 $8.00 RARE
(R.E.M.) REM Itís The End Of The World As We Know It/This One Goes Out(live) UK PS IRS 145 BOX 8033/8057 $12.00 RARE
(R.E.M.) REM Orange Crush/Ghost Riders UK PS EX BOX 8048 $14.00 RARE
(R.E.M.) REM Get Up/Funtime USA PS WB 22791 EX BOX 8029 $15.00 RARE
(R.E.M.) REM The One I Love USA PS DJ Stereo/Stereo IRS 53171 EX 1987, BOX 8017/8027 $15.00 RARE
(R.E.M.) REM FINEST WORK SONG. 3:48 Media Version each side, IRS DJ 12" 17510 EX w/cover Box 1002 $20.00 RARE
(R.E.M.) REM SHOULD WE TALK ABOUT THE GOVERNMENT?, USA DJ 2-LP Hour long interview LP WB 3377 w/cover, VG++ Box 1002 $35.00 RARE
(R.E.M.) REM Electron Blue/Whatís The Frequency(live) UK PS sparkling blue vinyl!! $9.00 RARE
(R.E.M.) REM Wanderlust/The Outsiders UK RED glitter vinyl!! $9.00 RARE
(R.E.M.) REM The One I Love/Maps & Legends(live) USA PS IRS 53171, BOX 8017/8164/8227 $10.00 RARE

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