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D’ABO,MIKE from Manfred Mann Little Miss Understood USA DJ M/S VG++ A&M 1374, BOX 8133 $10.00 RARE
D’ANNA,DARIN We Were Lovers/Gonna Feel Alright USA DJ VG++ WORLD ARTISTS 1045 BOX 8169 $11.00 RARE
D’ANGELO Send It On/The Line USA 7" 45 on Virgin, JB 45 $5.00 US45
D.A.D. Sleeping My Day Away/Ill Will UK PS metal $6.00 METAL
D.C. STARZ Blue Sparks/Keeper Of The Keys USA DJ VG++ Secant 05, 70s DC Metal band BOX 8131 $30.00 METAL
D.CEATS Monumental EP USA blue vinyl 4 song EP LIMP 007(no PS!!) w/Martha Hull/Keith Campbell EX BOX 8018/8078 $15.00 RARE
D.CEATS ( x-SLICKEE BOYS) Monumental EP USA blue vinyl 4 song EP LIMP 007(w/PS!!) w/Martha Hull/Keith Campbell EX BOX8229 sleeves(DS)(DR) $18.00 RARE
D.I. Surfin’ Anarchy/Uncontrollable Urge US PS red vinyl ’89 BOX 8031/8108 $20.00 PUNK
D.I. Richard Hung Himself/Johnny’s Got A Problem USA PS #d edition of 300, RED vinyl, in BOX 8224 $15.00 PUNK
D.O.A. It’s Not Unusual/Dead Men Tell No Tales PS alternative Tentacles, YELLOW vinyl EX BOX 8109 $15.00 PUNK
D.O.A. Triuph Of The Igneroids EP re-issue, numbered edition of 1100 w/PS $8.00 PUNK
DA Dark Rooms/White Castles USA PS ’81 indie from Chicago, Autumn Records1, w/foto/lyric insert postcard insert, BOX 8083 $11.00 RARE
DA WILLYS A Case OF EP, USA PS GOLD vinyl, large hole, only 1300 made ’89 EX BOX 8007 $20.00 PUNK
DADDY COOL Eagle Rock USA DJ M/S 4:08 Reprise 1038, earlie 70s Aussie group VG++ BOX 8037 $10.00 RARE
DADDY DEWDROP Chick A Boom/John Jacob...USA DJ Sunflower 105, BOX 8245 $6.00 RARE
DADDY HATE BOX You Tell Me Nothing/Close As Death USA PS Seattle group on C/Z014 from 1989, 1500 edition EX, BOX 8052/8108 $15.00 PUNK
DADDY MAXFIELD You’re Breaking My Heart/Oh My USA PS LA t power pop recorded in UK & on Rhino 006, BOX 8118 $22.00 RARE
DADISTICS Modern Girl/Later Baby USA PS from 1980 Quark 3 thru BOMP, small center hole, VG++ BOX 8102/8030 $16.00 PUNK
DADISTICS Paranoia Perception/Cry For Yourself USA PS 1979, Quark Records, BOX 8052/8082/8243/8189/8207/8158 $16.00 PUNK
DAF Sex Unter Wasser/Knochen And Knochen UK PS Virgin 481 BOX 8019 $16.00 RARE

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