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DATE BAIT Do The Mummy/What Kind Of Trip US PS VG++ ltd. ed 300 x-SLICKEES BOX 8153/8225 $15.00 PUNK
DATE BAIT Dragster Of Ghostrip Hollow/Werewolf US PS red vinyl 2nd press, 200 0nly BOX 8026/8170 $18.00 PUNK
DATE BAIT Outa Here/Strange Movies(TROGGS cvr) US hand inked, numbered white PS ltd. ed of 100 x-SLICKEES BOX 8097 $22.00 PUNK
DATE BAIT Slickee Boys related Outa Here/Strange Movies(TROGGS cvr) US PS ltd. ed yellow sleeve x-SLICKEESBOX 8022/8097/(ds)/8139/8081/8140 $14.00 PUNK
DATE BAIT Slickee Boys related) HI Octane/Klan Of Hand US PS EX #15 of 500 only, in BOX 8121 $15.00 PUNK
DATE BAIT w/KIM KANE (SLICKEE BOYS) Wild Woman/Head In The Shed US PS VG++ red vinyl GH-169 BOX 8022/8049/9003/8081 $11.00 PUNK
DAUGHTERS OF ALBION with KATHY DALTON Well Wired/Story Of Sad USA DJ Mint- Fontana 1619, Leon Russell produced 60s psych pop, BOX 8163 $50.00 RARE
DAVE DEE,DOZY,BEAKY,MICK AND TICH Hold Tight!/You Know What I Want USA X on label VG++ FONTANA 1545 BOX 8060 $12.00 RARE
DAVE KING BREAK-IN 45 DICKIE G. AND THE DON’TS 70s comedy Break In 45, on ASI, flip is PUG ROCK, BOX 8134 $12.00 RARE
DAVID CROSBY and GRAHAM NASH Love Work Out 4:50/3:25 USA DJ 7" 45 ABC 12185, 1975, in BOX 8228 $6.00 RARE
DAVIDSON,CLAY I Canít Lie To Me/Dog House USA 7" 45 on Virgin BOX 8079/8169 $5.00 USCW
DAVIDSON,JOHN California Bloodlines/I Am Now USA DJ VG++ Columbia 44896, in box 8235 $5.00 RARE
DAVIDSON,JOHN Steal Her Away(produced by The Tokens)/I Let You Walk Away, USA 70s scarce 45 20th Fox, 2313, 1976, BOX 8102 $8.00 RARE
DAVIE,RONNIE (SOUL) What Does It Matter To Me Now?/You Turn Me Arouní USA DJ VG++ TALMU 309, Northern Soul VG++ BOX 8147/8158 $30.00 RARE
DAVIES,ALUN Cat Stevens related I’m Late USA DJ VG++ M/S Columbia 45725, 1972, Cat Steven’s guitarist, 45 produced by Cat & Paul Damwell Smith BOX 8132 $15.00 RARE
DAVIES,DAVE Love Gets You USA DJ 7" 45 mono/stereo, WB 29509, 1983 BOX 8054 $7.00 RARE
DAVIES,DAVE Mean Disposition USA DJ mono/stereo EX WB 29425 from 1983 CHOSEN PEOPLE LP, BOX 8054 $7.00 RARE
DAVIES,DAVE Doing The Best For You USA DJ VG+ RCA 12147, BOX 8127 $6.00 RARE
DAVIES,DAVE Imaginations Real/Wild Man USA RCA 12089 VG++ BOX 8095 $6.00 RARE
DAVIES,GAIL Unwed Fathers USA DJ stereo each side RCA 14095 EX $4.00 USCW
DAVIES,GAIL Nothing Can Hurt Me Now USA DJ stereo each side RCA 14017 EX $5.00 USCW

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