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WAYNE,JIMMY I Love You This Much/Paper Angels USA 45 $4.00 USCW
WAYNE,JIMMY Stay Gone,great C&W ballad/Blue & Brown Dreamworks 50789 BOX 8030 $6.00 USCW
WAYNE,JOHN I Have Faith/USA DJ M/S VG++ Casablanca 1002 ’79 BOX 8031 $9.00 RARE
WAYNE,PAULA Denver To LA/You With Darkness On Your Mind (Sedaka song) USA DJ VG++ Colgems 5002, BOX 8235 $8.00 GIRLS
WAYSTED Heaven Tonight/Fire Under The Wheels UK gtfld PS VG++ x-UFO, in BOX 8229 $15.00 METAL
WE FIVE Let’s Get Together/Cast Your Fate To The Wind USA DJ VG++ A&M 784 BOX 8187 $6.00 RARE
WE FIVE You Were On My Mind EP w/Softly As I Leave You/Small World/+3 w/PS & Jukebox strips VG++BOX 8248 $20.00 RARE
WE FIVE What’s Goin’ On/The First Time aka First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, USA VG++ A&M 820, BOX 8168 $15.00 RARE
WE FIVE Walk On ByIt Really Doesn’t Matter USA DJ VG+ A&M 1072, X on A side, in BOX 8235 $6.00 RARE
WE FREE KINGS Death Of The Wild Colonial Boy/Love Is In the Air, UK PS foldout sleeve, 1986 in BOX 8139 $15.00 RARE
WEATHER PROPHETS Hollow Heart/Joe Schmo And The Eskimo, limited edition UK 7" 45 1988, CREATION 054, BOX 8159 $15.00 RARE
WEATHERLY,JIM The Need To Be USA DJ PS M/S Buddah from ’72, BOX 8162 $8.00 RARE
WEATHERMEN,THE It’s The Same Old Song mono/stereo DJ UA 50768 Jonathan King in disguise BOX 8019 $18.00 RARE
WEB,THE w/John L Watson Baby Won’t You Leave Me Alone/McVernon Street USA DJ Deram 85040, early 70s BOX 8060 $30.00 RARE
WEBB BROTHERS Ms. Moriarty/World Is Big, both sides remixes UK PS Jimmy’s kids BOX 8205/8040 $8.00 RARE
WEBB,JIMMY Crying In My Sleep USA DJ VG++ M/S Asylum 11027, 1974 BOX 8122 $8.00 RARE
WEBB,JIMMY Love Hurts USA DJ VG++ Reprise 1116, 1972, in BOX 8232 $8.00 RARE
WEBB,JIMMY Too Young To Die/Friends To Burn/Elvis And Me USA DJ CD, w/inserts ELEK 8798,picture lbl $8.00 CD
WEBB,JIMMY Just Like Always(3:58 LP vers.)W/inserts,prod by L. Ronstadt ELEK 8799 DJ CD $6.00 CD
WEBB,JIMMY One Of The Nicer Things/I Don’t Want This Modern Religion USA VG+ obscure 45 on Dunhill 4147, BOX 8168 $12.00 RARE
WEBBER,ANDREW LLOYD Theme & Variations US PS DJ $5.00 RARE
WEBSTER’S NEW WORD Hard Lovin’ Loser/I Don’t Want To Be The One USA DJ VG+ 60s Columbia 43745, in BOX 8227 $8.00 RARE
WEDDING PRESENT Silver Shorts/Falling UK PS #4 in series EX on RCA 45311, 1992 $10.00 RARE

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