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LYNNE,JEFF Every Little Thing(3:42 LP version) í90 promo on Reprise $5.00 CD
MARCY PLAYGROUND Sex & Candy(2:52)’97 Capitol prom,back insert $7.00 CD
MARTIN,JOEY Thatís Important To Me(3:08, color inserts, 2005 DJ CD on Giantslayer(this is a woman named Joey!)BOX 8081 $4.00 CD
MARTIN,LELAND with CHALEE TENNISON Same Olí Song And Dance(3:04) color insers, the two of them on back, lyrics on back of front insert Magnet, 2005BOX 8081 $4.00 CD
MARTIN,LELAND with CHALEE TENNISON Same Ol’ Song And Dance(3:04) printed label CDR promo BOX 8081 $4.00 CD
MARTIN,LENNIE/orch Shoes/La Femme USA DJ pop instrumentals, wol, Robbee 118, in BOX 8241 $5.00 CD
MATTEA,KATHY Christmas Collage(3:32) printed insert, advance CDR BOX 8081 $4.00 CD
McCARTNEY,PAUL Young Boy, EURO promo CD single 3:52, red label w/F.Pie design $15.00 CD
McCARTNEY,PAUL FLAMING PIE,promo advance ’97 Capitol cardboard review cover $30.00 CD
McDONALD,MICHAEL All We Got(3 versions)/You Show Me USA out of print í90 Reprise CD single,sealed $11.00 CD
McENTIRE,REBA He Gets That From Me(3:19 radio edit, MCA DJ advance cdr, printed label 2004BOX 8081 $5.00 CD
McPHEE,KATHARINE OVER THE RAINBOW / MY DESTINY USA 7" 45 from American Idol RCA cd single w/color inserts $5.00 CD
MEN THEY COULDN’T HANG Great Expectations/Margaret Pie/Green Fiels..(live) UK CD w/promo stkr,crdbrd cvr $10.00 CD
METALLICA The Memory Remains(4:37)front & back inserts, ELEK prcd 0048,’87 USA DJ CD $9.00 CD
MILLER,DEAN The Gun Ainít Loaded(2:52, 2003 Universal DJ CD, title insert, lyrics on reverseBOX 8081 $4.00 CD
MINISTRY Selections From Dark Side Of The Spoon,3 songs,back ins. WB promo ’99 $9.00 CD
MISFITS Project 1950,promo full advance, Ryko 10643, DJ CD USA $25.00 CD

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