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ELLIOT,CASS Baby Iím Yours(remake of the Barbara Lewis-Van McCoy hit!)/Cowboys Jubilee USA DJ VG++ RCA 0644, BOX 8155/8181 $9.00 GIRLS
ELLIOT,CASS as MAMA CASS California Earthquake/Talkin’ To Your Toothbrush USA DJ VG++ Dunhill 4166 BOX 8131 $10.00 GIRLS
ELLIOT,CASS as MAMA CASS ELLIOT Donít Let The Good Life Pass You By M/S USA DJ VG++ Dunhill 4264 from LP, MAMAíS BIG ONES, on eBay, BOX 8195 $8.00 GIRLS
ELLIOT,STEVE I Wonder/The Way I Feel Today USA DJ VG++ WB 5854, Jerry Ragavoy produced, BOX 8162 $11.00 RARE
ELLIOTT,ALECIA I’m Diggin’ It/remix $2.00 USCW
ELLIOTT,ALECIA Have Youself A Merry Little Christmas(3:35) color inserts, 2000 MCA DJ CDBOX 8081 $4.00 CD
ELLIOTT,DAVID On Fire For You USA DJ M/S VG++ Atlantic 2947, ’73 original of song April Wine later covered! BOX 8087 $7.00 RARE
ELLIS,DON (Jazz) Pussy Wiggle Stomp/Hey Jude USA DJ VG++ Columbia AE 29, BOX 8218 $8.00 RARE
ELLIS,JOHN x-VIBRATORS, x-STRANGLERS Hit ManHollow Graham UK PS VG++ remixed by Steve Hillage, produced by Pay Collier Rat Race 6, 1980, BOX 8203 $8.00 PUNK
ELO Four Little Diamonds USA DJ S/S Jet 04130, 1983, BOX 8184 $6.00 RARE
ELO (ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA Mr. Blue Sky/One Summer Dream USA JET 5050 VG++ BOX 8228/8203 $5.00 RARE
ELO (ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA Last Train To London USA DJ S/S 4:31, Jet 5067, 1979, in BOX 8201 $7.00 RARE
ELO (ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA Rock ’N’ Roll Is King USA DJ S/S VG++ JET 03964, 1983, in BOX 8231 $9.00 RARE
ELO (ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA Rain Is Falling USA DJ S/S 3:55 Jet 02693, 1981 from TIME, BOX 8222 $7.00 RARE
ELO (ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA Roll Over Beethoven USA DJ 3:34 edit, mono/stereo, yellow label UA 173VG++ BOX 8123 $8.00 RARE
ELO (ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA Mr. Blue Sky/One Summer Dream UK PS VG++ blue vinyl BOX 8234/ $12.00 RARE
ELO (ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA Iím Alive/Drum Dreams PS Japan from XANADU EX BOX 8072 $15.00 RARE
ELO (ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA /10538 Overture USA DJ mono/stereo UA 50914 VG++ BOX 8168/8228 $15.00 RARE
ELO (ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA Boy Blue USA DJ M/S EX UA 634, 1974 EX from ELDORADO, BOX 8160(8191 a VG+ copy in BOX 8212 for $5) $9.00 RARE
ELO (ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA Telephone Line/Poorboy USA PS VG++ UA 1000 , GREEN vinyl, BOX 8212 $6.00 RARE
ELO (ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA Sweet Talkiní Woman/Fire On High USA PS purple vinyl VG++ Jet 1145, BOX 8192/8193 & (DS)/8211 $6.00 RARE

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