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VEGAS (SPECIALS related) Possessed/Day It Rained UK PS X-Specials BOX 8193 $8.00 RARE
VEILS,the Tide That Left And Never Came Back/House She Lived In UK PS Rough Trade 164, BOX 8074/8210 $9.00 RARE
VEJTABLES I Still Love You/Anything USA VG+ on Autumn 15, West Coast 60s folk rock, with Jan Errico(as Jan Ashton), later to join the MOJO MEN; BOX 8168 $6.00 RARE
VELA,ROSIE Interlude/Taxi UK PS VG++ A&M 384, 1986, Gary Katz produced, in BOX 8232 $6.00 GIRLS
VELASCO,VI Lonely Boy/I Walk The Line USA DJ VG++ obscure 45 on MTA 125, BOX 8176 $15.00 GIRLS
VELEZ,MARTHA Up To You USA DJ M/S VG++ SIRE 1010, 1977 in BOX 8234 $4.00 GIRLS
VELEZ,MARTHA & PETE WINGFIELD MockingbirdAggrevation(remix) just Martha on flip SIRE 722, ’73, MIKE VERNON produced both sides, VG++ BOX 8175/8148 $9.00 RARE
VELOCITY GIRL I Can’t Stop Smiling/Marzipan UK PS (sealed, with outer sleeve on Sub Pop) BOX 8054/8213/8166 $15.00 RARE
VELOCITY GIRL My Forgotten Favorite/Why Should I Be Nice To You? US PS blue ink, k,B&W PS EX BOX 8245 $15.00 RARE
VELOCITY GIRL Crazy Town/Creepy US PS(yellow vinyl.)SP# 179 BOX 8054/8225 $10.00 RARE
VELOCITY GIRL Nothing(2:45), design label, back ins., USA DJ cd single Sub Pop 45 $6.00 CD
VELOCITY GIRL My Forgotten Fave/Why Should US PS=b&w,brown ink re-i BOX 8199/8166/8193 $18.00 RARE
VELOCITY GIRL Crazy Town/Creepy USA PS Green vinyl Sub Pop 179 EX BOX 8082 $10.00 RARE
VELOCITY GIRL Nothing/Anatomy Of A US PS VG++- SUB POP 341, black vinyl, BOX 8163/8169/8229 $8.00 RARE
VELOCITY GIRL Audrey’s Eyes/Stupid SP ger.clear v.,coloring book PS,500 made Box 8006/8054/8213/8166 $20.00 PUNK
VELOCITY GIRL You’re So Good To Me/Your Silent Face(New Order song) US PS EX(translucent vinyl pressing) Merge 061 BOX 8054/8144 $25.00 RARE
VELOCITY GIRL Sorry Again/Marzipan(non LP, recorded at Inner Ear) US PS EX Sub Pop 257, 1994 BOX 8054/8229/8166 $12.00 RARE
VELOCITY GIRL Nothing/Anatomy Of A Gutless Wonder UK PS EX red vinyl BOX 8143/8224 $14.00 RARE
VELOCITY GIRL/CHISEL Split 7",Breaking Lines(VG)/Monday(CH)US PS w/TED LEO in Chisel, BOX 8052/8129/8193/8206/8244/8245 $15.00 RARE
VELOCITY GIRL/TSUNAMI Merry Christmas I Love You(vg)/Could Have Been Christmas (Tsunami) USA PS RED vinyl, Simple Machines, very rare!! BOX 8124 $40.00 RARE
VELOCITY GIRL/TSUNAMI Warm(vg)/Crawl(vg)/Left Behind(tn) US PS pink vinyl SP #137 (rare!!) BOX 8057 under Velocity $40.00 RARE
VELVET MONKEYS Rock The Nation/Why Don’t We Do It US PS, black vinyl, SP #102 BOX 8178/8193 $15.00 PUNK
VELVET MONKEYS double 45 on Ecstaic Peace #8 w/We Call It Rock/She’s Not A Girl/7 Angels/Little Girl/Bermuda/Something In The Air/Better Living, fold-over PS, large center 45s BOX 8094/8136 $15.00 PUNK

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