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BROWN,JULIE Trapped In The Body...US PS DJ EX $4.00 GIRLS
BROWN,JULIE Girl Fight Tonight(rmx) US PS DJ S/S VG++ BOX 8162 $6.00 GIRLS
BROWN,POLLY You’re My Numver One USA 7" DJ 45 mono/stereo Singer of PICKETYWITCH Ariola /gto7617 1976 VG++ BOX 8207 $6.00 GIRLS
BROWN,POLLY Special Delivery USA 7" DJ 45 mono/stereo Singer of PICKETYWITCH Ariola /gto7603 VG++ BOX 8113/8218 $7.00 GIRLS
BRUCKEN,CLAUDIA Kiss Like Ether/I Dream UK gtfld PS EX from Propaganda BOX 8121 $11.00 GIRLS
BRUCKEN,CLAUDIA Absolute/Whisper UK PS EX x-Propaganda $8.00 GIRLS
BUDD,JULIE Roses And Rainbows USA DJ M/S A&M 2315, from film DEVIL AND MAX DEVLIN, BOX 8127 $8.00 GIRLS
BUDD,JULIE See You In September/A Fall Song USA VG++ RCA 0741, TOKENS produced it, early 70s, in BOX 8212 $15.00 GIRLS
BUDD,JULIE All’s Quiet On West 23rd/(same) USA DJ VG++ MGM 13925 Resnick-Levine tune, BOX 8164 $7.00 GIRLS
BUELL,BEBE with The Cars Little Black Egg/Fun Time UK PS EX MOONLIGHT 003 BOX 8184 $9.00 GIRLS
BULLDOGS early suzy callahan I Want To Be A Boy/Better Than Listening USA PS VG++ ’85 MD female lead indie wavers, on Citadel, BOX 8172//8234 $11.00 GIRLS
BUSH,KATE Hounds Of Love/Burning Bridge US PS VG++ EMI 8302 BOX 8161/8243 $10.00 GIRLS
BUSH,KATE Man With The Child In His Eyes USA DJ mono/stereo EMI 8006 VG++BOX 8068 $12.00 GIRLS
BUSH,KATE Experiment IV US PS DJ EX S/S EMI 8363 BOX 9002/8015/8067 $10.00 GIRLS
BUSH,KATE Experiment IV/Wuthering Heights(new vocal)US PS VG++ BOX 8021/8023 $10.00 GIRLS
BUSH,KATE Hammer Horror/Coffee Homeground PS Spain on EMI VG++ BOX 8027 $18.00 GIRLS
BUSH,KATE December Will Be Magic Again/Warm And Soothing UK PS original VG++ EMI 5121 BOX 8027 $18.00 GIRLS
BUSH,KATE Sensual World/Walk Straight Down The Middle UK PS VG++ BOX 8189 $14.00 GIRLS
BUSH,KATE This Woman’s Work/Be Kind To My Mistakes UK PS EMI 119 VG++ BOX 8021/8240/8226 $9.00 GIRLS

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