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VINES Donít Listen To The Radio/Fuk Yeh(live) UK gatefold sleeve) EX $9.00 RARE
VINES Get Free/Blue Riff UK PS on Capitol BOX 8156 $14.00 RARE
VINES Anysound/Gross Out(demo) UK 7" gatefold sleeve $9.00 RARE
VINES Anysound/Going Gone(demo) UK 7" picture disk 45, BOX 8152 $11.00 RARE
VINES Fuck The World, same boyj sides,USA white vinyl promo,PS, small hole CAP 53784 BOX 8032/8156 $10.00 RARE
VINES,THE Winning Days/Landslide(home demo) UK PS EX BOX 8210 $10.00 RARE
VINTON,BOBBY Days Of Sand And Shovels/So Many Lonely Girls, USA DJ VG++ EPIC 10485, small sticker stain on A side, BOX 8121 $7.00 RARE
VINTON,BOBBY Well I Ask Ya/Hip SwingingHigh Stepping Drum Majorette USA early DJ VG++ EPIC 9469 BOX 8116 $22.00 RARE
VINTON,BOBBY Santa Must Be Polish/Santa Claus Is Coming To Town USA VG++ VINTON 100 BOX 8113 $6.00 RARE
VINTON,BOBBY Petticoat White(Summer Sky Blue)/All THe King’s Horses USA DJ VG+ EPIC 10048, BOX 8113 $6.00 RARE
VINTON,BOBBY To Know You Is To Love You/The Beat Of My Heart USA DJ sticker stain on A side EPIC 10461, BOX 8121 $7.00 RARE
VINTON,BOBBY It Hurts To Be In Love USA DJ 1982 bouncy mono/stereo cover of 60s Gene Pitney hit, TAPESTRY 010, EX BOX 8067 $10.00 RARE
VINTON,BOBBY Only Love Can Break A Heart USA DJ M/S Mint- ABC 12265, 1977, BOX 8123 $8.00 RARE
VINTON,BOBBY A Little Bit Of You USA DJ VG++ EPIC 10790 BOX 8113/8115 $8.00 RARE
VINTON,BOBBY Why Don’t They Understand/No Arms Can Ever Hold You USA DJ copy Memory Lane series #2311, BOX 8129 $9.00 RARE
VINTON,BOBBY I’ll Make You My Baby USA DJ VG++ EPIC 10711 Barbra Lewis song done in a Spectorian way!! BOX 8163 $9.00 RARE
VINTON,BOBBY Hurt USA DJ VG++ M/S EPIC 10980, 1973 re-service, BOX 8164 $6.00 RARE
VINTON,BOBBY Sealed With A Kiss USA DJ M/S ’72 EPIC 10861, writing on stereo label, BOX 8169 $4.00 RARE
VINTON,BOBBY Beer Barrel Polka USA DJ M/S date on label, ABC 12056, ’75, box 8179 $5.00 RARE

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