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VOGUES Youíre The One/Some Words USA VG++ BLUE STAR 299, original issue, wol, BOX 8185 $9.00 RARE
VOGUES Thatís The Tune/Midnight Dreams PS Spain w/tri centre, VG++ BOX 8184 $20.00 RARE
VOGUES Earth Angel/P.S. I Love You USA VG++ Reprise 0820 BOX 8129 $7.00 RARE
VOGUES Summer Afternoon/Take A Chance On Me Baby USA VG++ CO & CE Association like A side BOX 8168 $11.00 RARE
VOGUES Land Of Milk And Honey/True Lovers USA VG++ CO & CE 238, BOX 8168 $8.00 RARE
VOGUES Please Mr. Sun/Don’t Blame The Rain USA VG++ wol, CO & CE 240 BOX 8168 $7.00 RARE
VOICE FARM Garage/Elevate, USA original SF Synth, band, Blue sleeve UK issue on Alternative Tentacles virus 16, , seam split on bottem, VG++ BOX 8213/8226 $15.00 RARE
VOICE FARM Garage/Elevate, USA original SF Synth, Optional 5, EX, BOX 8164 $20.00 RARE
VOICE MASTERS (SOUL) If A Woman Catches A Fool/Youíve Hurt Me Baby, USA VG++ Bamboo 103, strong Northern Soul 2-sider BOX 8169 $25.00 RARE
VOICE OF THE BEEHIVE Donít Call Me Baby/Jump This Way UK 7" pic disc London LONP 175 EX BOX 8027/8045/8050 $9.00 GIRLS
VOICE OF THE BEEHIVE Man In The Moon(dj edit)/What You Have Is Enough UK PS VG++ box8168 $7.00 GIRLS
VOICE OF THE BEEHIVE I Walk The earth/This Weak UK PS promo sticker, London 169, BOX 8214 $8.00 GIRLS
VOLMAN,MARK & HOWARD KAYLAN (from THE TURTLES) Goodbye Surprise(Bonner & Gordon song)/NikkiHoi USA DJ Reprise 113, 1972, both sides mono, BOX 8101 $15.00 RARE
VOLUNTEERS Queen Of The Night USA DJ M/S VG++ Arista 0245, 1976 BOX 8065 $6.00 RARE
VON BONDIES Tell Me What you See/Suzie UK PS pink vinyl ltd ed BOX 8151/8205 $11.00 RARE
VOODOO X (x-Plasmatics) Voodoo Queen/I’m On Sire PS Dutch w/Ri Jen Beauvor, from ’89 VG++ BOX 8169 $9.00 RARE
VOW WOW Don’t Leave Me Now/Nightless City UK PS VG++ w/poster sleeve, Arista 38, from ’87, BOX 8132 $9.00 METAL
VOX HUMANA Lunar Tunes/Fountain Of Youth USA PS on Rhino 005, VG++ BOX 8053 $20.00 RARE
VOX HUMANA Lunar Tunes/Fountain Of Youth USA on Rhino 005, VG++ BOX 8094/8117/8129 $9.00 RARE

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