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(R.E.M.) REM Tongue/Tongue(live) WB 17737 USA EX BOX 8113/9009/8163 $6.00 US45
(R.E.M.) REM Whatís The Frequecy Kenneth?/(inst.) $5.00 US45
(R.E.M.) REM Canít Get There From Here/Band Wagon USA PS VG++ IRS 52642 BOX 8007/8119/8184/8126 $15.00 RARE
(R.E.M.) REM Crush With Eyeliner UK PS ltd #íd orange vinyl w/calendar pack box 8195 & (DS) $15.00 RARE
(R.E.M.) REM Fall On Me/Rotary Ten US PS EX IRS 52883 BOX 8111 $10.00 RARE
(R.E.M.) REM Man On The Moon/Mighty Mouse Theme(this side NOT rem),red vinyl 8081 $15.00 RARE
(R.E.M.) REM Stand USA DJ S/S 3: 10 LP version VG++ WB 27688 BOX 8135/9009 $9.00 RARE
(R.E.M.) REM Bittersweet Me(Memphis Soundcheck)/Undertow(live Atlanta) UK jukebox 7" 45 WB 0377 lc, BOX 8137 $22.00 RARE
(R.E.M.) REM Superman/White Tornado USA DJ copy EX IRS 52971, BOX 9009 $25.00 RARE
(R.E.M.) REM Itís The End Of The World As We Know It/Last Date USA PS VG++ IRS 53220, BOX 9008 $12.00 RARE
(R.E.M.) REM Man On The Moon/Mickey Mouse Theme, flip not REM, RED VINYL promo 7" small hole, 50752, BOX 9009/8224 $15.00 RARE
(R.E.M.) REM Orange Crush/Ghost Riders UK PS EX BOX 8048 $14.00 RARE
(R.E.M.) REM Supernatural Superserious/Airliner(flip is 60s style/surf/psych instrumental) USA 7" w/PS, large center for jukebox play, on WB, now deleted, last few copies!! in BOX 8204/ $8.00 RARE
(R.E.M.) REM Itís The End Of The World As We Know It/This One Goes Out(live) UK PS IRS 145 BOX 8033/8057 $12.00 RARE
(R.E.M.) REM Near Wild Heaven/Pop Song í89 (Live Acoustic Version) UK PS EX BOX 8236 $14.00 RARE

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