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AMOS,TORI Pretty good year/honey/black swan w/insert, EW 85677, german $8.00 CD
AMOS,TORI Winter/the pool/take to the sky/sweet dreamsupside down gtfld sleeve,ATL 85799 wos $7.00 CD
AMOS,TORI In the springtime of his voodoo/5 versions w/inserts ATL 85475 $8.00 CD
AMOS,TORI Silent all these years/(live version) crdbrd sleeve ATL 83001 cover vg+ $6.00 CD
AMOS,TORI Cornflake girl/sister janet/daisy dead pearls/honey crdbrd cvr, ATL85655 $8.00 CD
AMOS,TORI God, four versions w/inserts EW 85637 german $8.00 CD
AMOS,TORI God/home on the range/piano suite crdbrd sleeve ATL 85687, wos $7.00 CD
AMOS,TORI Cruel(2 mixes)/raspberry swirl(2 mixes) cardboard sleeve,wos ATL 84412 $6.00 CD
AMOS,TORI Talula(bt remix)/frog on my toe/sister named desire/alamo. EW 88511, german $8.00 CD
AMOS,TORI Crucify(two versions)/here in my head/mary w/insert, EW 85865, german $7.00 CD
AMOS,TORI 1000 oceans/+ 2 live, baker haker/winter w/inserts ATL 84535 $8.00 CD
AMOS,TORI Taluia(2 versiona)/samurai/frog on my toe/london girls w/inserts ATL 85504 $8.00 CD
AMOS,TORI Winter/the pool/take to the sky/sweet dreams w/insertd EW 85885 german $8.00 CD
AMOS,TORI Concertina (remix)+2 live, famous blue raincoat,twinkle w/inserts ATL 84651 $8.00 CD
AMOS,TORI China/sugar/flying dutchman/humpty dumpty EW 85095 german $8.00 CD
AMOS,TORI past the nission+ 3 live, winter/the waitress/here in my head w/insert EW 85644 $8.00 CD
AMOS,TORI Spark/do it again/cooling w/inserts+ 3 fotos EW 84107 german $8.00 CD
AMOS,TORI Professional Widow (7 versions) w/inserts ATL 85499 $8.00 CD
AMOS,TORI Caught a light sneeze/this old man/thats what i like/graveyard/toodles mr jim w/insert ATL 85519 $8.00 CD
Amos,Tori Cornflake Girl/Sister Janet/Piano suite (All the gods hate her/Over it ..w/insert German EW 85695 $8.00 CD
AMOS,TORI Jackies strength/never seen blue/beuah land, caerdboad cover,usa ATL 84163 $6.00 CD
AMOS,TORIA Tallula, two mixes/amazing grace’’’pass the........w/inserts EW 88512, german $8.00 CD
AMOSS,TORI Bliss plus two live, hey jupiter/upside down w/inserts ATL 84533 $8.00 CD
APOLLO FOUR FORTY Stop The Rock(2 mixes) w/Madonna samples USA promo 550 $9.00 CD

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