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GUTHRIE,GWEN Peanut Butter USA DJ M/S EX Island 99903 1983, SLY & ROBBIE production BOX 8059 $8.00 GIRLS
GUTHRIE,WOODY Buffalo Skinners/Pretty Boy Floyd, #d edition of 300 on Stardust, BOX 8176 $9.00 RARE
GUTWRENCH New Block On The Kids EP, USA PS 190, black vinyl, BOX 8228 $7.00 PUNK
GYMSLIPS 48 Crash/Miss Nunsweeta UK PS BLACK vinyl VG++ ABSTRACT 011 BOX 8160 $9.00 PUNK
GYNGELL,DENISE Kirsty MacColl related You Broke My Heart In Seventeen Places)/(Kirsty MacColl wrote it)/Why Don’t You Call Me? UK PS Pete Waterman production VG++ BOX 8110 $10.00 GIRLS
GYPSY Gypsy Queen part 1/Dead And Gone USA VG++ progressive rock on Metromedia 202, BOX 8167 $9.00 RARE
GYRO CENTRAL DETENTION CENTRE/PURPLE AND RED, both sides written by CHRIS GILL and produced by MARTIN ZERO, on Rabid, BOX 8024/8221 $15.00 PUNK

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