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APRIL WINE You Won’t Dance With Me/Shotdown USA London 255 EX BOX 9001 $9.00 RARE
AQUA Aquariam,promo full advance,back ins. w/Barbie Girl & My Oh My USA $11.00 CD
AQUA My Oh My edt)/(ext.) UK JB 7" $7.00 RARE
ARBORS Just Let It Happpen/Dreamer Girl, USA VG++ DATE 1546,, a side written by Chip Taylor, who wrote Angel Of The Morning, and Trade Martin, who wrote Take Me For A Little While, both songs originally done by EVIE SANDS, tso shelf, than BOX 8194 $7.00 RARE
ARBORS I Can’t Quit Her USA DJ M/S VG+ Date 1645, Lori Burton produced, in BOX 8231 $6.00 RARE
ARBORS The Letter/Most Of All USA DJ 7" 45 produced by Lori Burton, Date 1638, BOX 8112 $15.00 RARE
ARBORS The Letter/Most Of All Phillipines VG+ DATE 1638, Lori Burton produced, BOX 8180 $5.00 RARE
ARBORS Anybody Here For Love/Girl With Heather Green Eyes USA DJ VG++ MERCURY 72456, mid 60s pre DATE, BOX 8145 $15.00 RARE
ARBORS A Symphony For Susan USA DJ re-service on GREEN vinyl, same both sides DATE 1529, VG++ BOX 8169 $12.00 RARE
ARC ANGELS Living In A Dream/Sent By Angels USA 7" on DGC 19135, with Charlie Sexton, Little Steven produced, ’92, BOX 8154 $9.00 RARE
ARC ANGELS Too Many Ways To Fall(4:32 edit)(5:51 LP) w/cover DGC 4475 (sealed) $7.00 CD
ARCADIA Election Day USA dj promo 4:30 stereo each side, Duran duran related VG++BOX 8063 $10.00 RARE
ARCADIA Election Day/Moody & Grey UK gtfld PS EX $8.00 RARE
ARCHER,TASMIN Arienne/In Your Care(live) UK PS M- $6.00 RARE
ARCHER,TASMIN Shipbuilding/Deep DarkAll Grown Up/New Amsterdam UK PS M- Costello cvrs $7.00 RARE
ARCHERS OF LOAF Harnessed In Slums/Telepathic Traffic US PS EX- Alias #727 BOX 8095/8121/8225 $14.00 RARE
ARCHIES Sunshine USA DJ (same each side) Kirshner sp 45 218 VG++ Jeff Barry produced, BOX 8076 $12.00 RARE
ARCHIES Bang Shang A Lang/Truck Driver USA PS DJ VG++ Calendar 1006 (CB)2, PS only BOX 8250 $15.00 RARE

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