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ART BEARS Rats & MonkeysCollapse USA PS Ralph 7904 EX BOX 8032/8108 $15.00 RARE
ART FAILURE Scream Of Pain/In Vogue UK folf-out PS, 1979, VOGUGUE Records 1, EX, indie rock, BOX 9001 $40.00 PUNK
ART OF NOISE Beatbox(2:50 edit) US DJ ISL PR 595 EX BOX 8046 $7.00 RARE
ART OF NOISE Paranoimia w/Max Headroom/Why Me? UK PS CHINA wok 9 VG++ BOX 8059 $7.00 RARE
ARTERY Afterwards/Into The Garden(BBC recording) UK PS Armageddon 026, 1981BOX 8046/8082 $16.00 RARE
ARTERY The Clown/(Peel session vers.) UK PS VG++ S.Hinkler pre-MISSION í82 BOX 9001/8141 $18.00 RARE
ARTERY Unbalanced/Slide/Perhaps/Turtles/Toytown/Heiz(last 4 live on 2nd 45)PS BOX 9001//8029 $23.00 PUNK
ARTHUR’S DILEMMA Up To You/Kicks early punk on Curious Union records BOX 8160/8244 $18.00 PUNK
ARTHUR’S MOTHER On The Dole/Butterfly USA DJ VG++ Atlantic 2811, in BOX 8236 $8.00 RARE
ARTHUR,JOSEPH In The Sun/Speed Of Light limited USA jukebox only 45 $5.00 US45
ARTHUR,JOSEPH Chemical (4:00) w/insert Real World 14975 $4.00 CD
ARTHUR,JOSEPH In The Sun(4:06 EDT)(5:36 LP vers.) + interview w/ins. Real World15733 $8.00 CD
ARTHUR,JOSEPH Devilís Broom/There Is A Light.. UK gatefold PS, white vinyl w/poster, BOX 8205 $10.00 RARE
ARTHUR,JOSEPH Exhausted(3:58 radio edt)(3:35 LIVE vers.)w/ins. Real World/Virgin $6.00 CD
ARTIC MONKEYS When The Sun Goes Down/Settle For A Draw UK PS hot new group!! BOX 8205 $9.00 RARE
ASAP Down The Wire(Cross Lined Mix)/When She’s Gone UK PS x-IRON MAIDEN w/tour sticker, sealed, BOX 8063 $15.00 METAL
ASD aka A Simpletons Dream Mexican Sundial Blues, gold vinyl 7" EP w/PS on Direct Hits $15.00 PUNK

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