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A SHOT IN THE DARK Tears Mama Cried/Concrete Block USA cartoon insert, DC area group,, Beyond The Palace records, country rock, in BOX 8222 $9.00 RARE
A WEDDING ANNIVERSARY Asylum(short version)/Atlantis PS pressed in Belgium, gothic band, BOX 8094 $10.00 RARE
A’s,THE After Last Night USA DJ M/S EX Arista 0452, ’79 Philly wave band, BOX 8112/8191 $4.00 RARE
A*TEENS Dancing Queen/Mamma Mia re-issue UNI 561415 Stored in BOX 8134/8097 $6.00 US45
A.C. MARIAS (WIRE related) Drop/So UK 7" 45, produced by Gilbert & Lewis of WIR, on DOME 451, in BOX 8144 $20.00 RARE
A.F.I. (AFI) Decemberunderground, limited box set, whole LP on clear vinyl 7" 45s, very limited!! $35.00 PUNK
A.F.I. (AFI) Miss Murder/Rabbits Are Roadkill On Rt. 37 USA limited 10" 33 1/3 picture disk($7 usa shipping/$16 Foreign shipping) $15.00 PUNK
A.F.I. (AFI) Girl’s Not Grey/Hanging Garden(Cure song) UK PS grey marble vinyl EX, BOX 8152/8203 $15.00 RARE
A.R.KANE Americana,USA 2-LP promo ONLY!! Sire/Rough Trade ’92 VG++ $15.00 LPs
A.T.S. Runaway Barge/Anti Christ USA PS ATS 591, 1988, Pittsburgh BOX 8219/8223/8137 $25.00 PUNK
AAA: As there are very few USA 45s being released, and imports are way out of wack price wise, I will no longer carry many new 45s and instead work on listing the hundreds of 1000s of rare 45s we have.....Many rare items newly entered on our eBay store each $0.00 RARE
AALIYAH We Need A Resolution(w/Timbaland)/(instrumental) USA 7" 45 BOX 8011 $6.00 GIRLS
ABBA S.O.S./Bang A Boomerang PS France on Vogue (nice PIC) $10.00 RARE
ABBA Happy New Year USA promo only mono/stereo 7" 45 on Atlantic pr 380, 1980 VG+ BOX 8029 $18.00 RARE
ABBA Winner Takes It All USA DJ VG++ 4:20 mono/stereo edit from SUPER TROUPER, Atlantic 3776, 1980 BOX 8048(copy in BOX8029/ 8242 w/wol) $8.00 RARE
ABBA The Visitors USA DJ 5:47/4:22 Atlantic 4031, VG+ 1981 BOX 8157 $8.00 RARE
ABBA One Of Us/Should I Laugh UK 7" pic disc VG++ BOX 8054 $14.00 RARE

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