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GAYE,MARVIN Chained/(same) USA DJ VG++ TAMLA 54170 BOX 8183 $8.00 RARE
GAYE,MARVIN (SOUL) Your Unchanging Love/(same) USA DJ wol, TAMLA 54153 $11.00 RARE
GAYE,MARVIN (SOUL) Too Busy Thinking About My Baby/(same) USA DJ VG++ Tamla 54181, BOX 8179 $12.00 RARE
GAYE,MARVIN (SOUL) Your Unchanging Love/I’ll Take Good Care Of You USA VG++ TAMLA 54153, tso shelf, then box 8194 $7.00 RARE
GAYE,MARVIN (SOUL) Gonna Giver Her all The Love I Got/(same USA DJ RED vinyl, Tamla 54190, date on label, (CB)2 $22.00 RARE
GAYE,MARVIN (SOUL) Take This Heart Of Mine/(same) wol both sides VG++ TAMLA 54132, ’66, BOX 8188 $8.00 RARE
GAYE,MARVIN (SOUL) Thatís The Way Love Is/(same) USA DJ VG++ date on label, Tamla 54185, BOX 8144 $12.00 RARE
GAYE,MARVIN (SOUL) Heavy Love Affair USA DJ , 3:46 on each side from 1981, TAMLA 54326, BOX 8178 $10.00 RARE
GAYE,MARVIN (SOUL) Sanctified Lady/(instrumental, USA DJ copy, EX, sent out by Columbia in a UK picture sleeve(sleeve VG__) BOX 8155 $12.00 RARE
GAYE,MARVIN AND KIM WESTON (SOUL) What Good Am I Without You/I Want You Around USA DJ wol Tamla 54104, 1964,VG++ BOX 8182 $8.00 RARE
GAYE,MARVIN AND TAMMI TERRELL(SOUL) Keep On Lovin’ Me Honey/(dame) USA DJ VG++ Tamla 54173, BOX 8148 $9.00 RARE
GAYE,MARVIN AND TAMMI TERRELL(SOUL) Good Lovin’ Ain’t Easy To Come By/(same) USA DJ VG++ TAMLA 54179 BOX 8186 $9.00 RARE
GEDDES,DAVID Rocky’s Girl/Changing Colors USA VG++ Zodiac 1019, 1977, BOX 8207 $5.00 RARE
GEDDES,DAVID Run Joey Run USA DJ VG++ date on label, Big Tree16044, BOX 8145 $8.00 RARE
GEL Catching Ants/+2 UK PS clear v. indie $7.00 RARE
GEMINIS (SOUL) A Friend Of Mine/You Put A Hurting On Me USA DJ VG++ RCA 8865, girl sound soul, in BOX 8232 $15.00 GIRLS
GENE Haunted By You/Hear It/How Much UK PS EX #’d edition BOX 8009 $10.00 RARE
GENE For The Dead/Child's Body UK title sleeve ltd. re-issue of early 7" $7.00 RARE
GENE Fill Her Up/Pass On To Me UK PS EX BOX 8072 $8.00 RARE
GENE Fighting Fit/Drawn To Deep End UK deluxe PS w/pstr $7.00 RARE

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