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BAD COMPANY Movin’ On/Easy On My Soul USA DJ Swan Song 70101, VG++, in BOX 8039 $8.00 METAL
BAD COMPANY This Could Be The One/How About That USA VG++ ATCO 98463, BOX 8154/8168 $6.00 METAL
BAD COMPANY Youngblood USA DJ 2:37 M/S advance pressing, VG++ SS 70108 BOX 8059 $7.00 METAL
BAD COMPANY This Love USA DJ S/S VG++ Atlantic 89355, 1986, BOX 8091/8125 $4.00 METAL
BAD COMPANY Moviní On/Easy On My Soul USA DJ Swan Song 70101, VG++,. filled in label style, in BOX 8247 $8.00 METAL
BAD COMPANY Gone Gone Gone/Take The Time USA EX Swan Song 71000, 1979, BOX 8170 $7.00 METAL
BAD COMPANY Canít Get Enough USA DJ M/S VG+ Swan Song 70015, 1974 BOX 8214, a VG++ copy in BOX 8232 $8.00 METAL
BAD COMPANY Can’t Get Enough/Little Miss Fortune UK original 1974 UK issue, Island 6191 BOX 8157 $9.00 METAL
BAD COMPANY R&R Fantasy/Crazy Circles US PS VG++ BOX 8115/8221 $6.00 METAL
BAD ENGLISH Don't Walk Away/Tough Times Don't Last UK PS VG++ $6.00 METAL
BAD ENGLISH Straight To Heart/Make Love Last UK PS VG++ $6.00 METAL
BAD ENGLISH When I See You Smile/Roclin' Horse UK PS VG++ $6.00 METAL
BAKER GURVITZ ARMY People USA DJ M/S 7043, 1975, Ginger Baker & Paul Gurvitz EX BOX 8117/8144 $10.00 METAL
BAKER GURVITZ ARMY Help Me/4 Phil USA DJ Janus 248 í75 Giner/3 Man Army combo, BOX 8117 $11.00 METAL
BANG Must Be Love USA DJ VG++ M/S hard Rock, Capitol 3622, in BOX 8236 $8.00 METAL
BECK,JEFF Final Peace/Scatter/Too Much/Led Boots UK PS VG++ (large hole)EPC 1009 $7.00 METAL
BILLION DOLLAR BABIES Rock íNí Roll Radio/Wasnít I The One US EX A.Cooper guys BOX 8133/8081 $8.00 METAL
BLACK SABBATH TV Crimes/Letters From..(alt.)UK poster sleeve PS BOX 8116/8057 $18.00 METAL
BLACK SABBATH Itís Alright US DJ M/S VG++ WB 8315 ebay box/Box 8009 $15.00 METAL
BLACK SABBATH Feels Good To Me/Paranoid(live) UK PS EX BOX 82508096 $15.00 METAL

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