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CAPT. SENSIBLE Stop The World/Back To School UK PS VG++ A&M CAP 4 $8.00 PUNK
CAPT. SENSIBLE I’m A Spider/Women Sago PS Italy. stamped promo on cover VG++ $10.00 PUNK
CAPT. SENSIBLE Smash It Up Part 4/Market Day (by Brotherhood Of Lizards)UK PS (cb)BOX 8062 $11.00 RARE
CAPT. SENSIBLE Happy Talk/It,I Can’t Stand It(demo) UK A&M CAP 1 (NO ps) EX $6.00 PUNK
CAPT. SENSIBLE Stop The World/Back To School UK PS DJ CAP 4 EX BOX 8062 $15.00 PUNK
CAPT. SENSIBLE Happy Talk/I Canít Stand It (demo) USA A&M 2433 EX box 8239 $9.00 PUNK
CAPT. SENSIBLE One Christmas Catalogue/Relax UK DJ w.PS from THE DAMNED, BOX 8053/8062 $16.00 RARE
CAPT.SENSIBLE More Snakes Than Ladders/4 Marys UK PS DJ EX A&M Cap 7 $9.00 RARE
CAPT.SENSIBLE from THE DAMNED Croydon/Jimi Hendrixís Strat UK pic disc 45 (cb) & BOX 8029/8202/(DS)/8156 $11.00 RARE
CAPTAIN SENSIBLE from THE DAMNED Happy Talk/I Canít Stand It(demo) UK PS EX CAP1 BOX 8086/8219 $10.00 PUNK
CAPTAIN AND TENNILLE The Way I Want To Touch You USA M/S A&M 1624, early pressing with Tenille pronuciation on label, BOX 8181 $6.00 RARE
CAPTAIN AND TENNILLE The Way I Want To Touch You(sung in Spanish) M/S USA DJ 7" 45 A&M 1774 VG++ BOX 9002/8216 $10.00 RARE
CAPTAIN AND TENNILLE Shop Around USA DJ VG++ A&M 1817, 1976, BOX 8182 $5.00 GIRLS
CAPTAIN BEYOND (DEEP PURPLE related) Thousand Days Of Yesterday USA DJ M/S VG++ Capricorn 0013 w/Rod Evans, early Deep Purple vocalist, BOX 8169 $15.00 RARE
CAPTAIN SENSIBLE Glad Itís All Over/DAMNED ON 45 UK DJ A&M CAP 6 VG++ BOX 8125/9002 $18.00 PUNK
CAPTAIN SENSIBLE Glad Itís All Over US DJ S/S í83 EX from Damned A&M 2694 BOX 9002 $9.00 RARE
CAPTAIN SENSIBLE Glad Itís AllOver/Damned On 45 UK PS(PS VG+) A&M CAP6 $8.00 PUNK
CAPTAIN SENSIBLE Wot,No Meat?/A Meat Sandwich UK PS EX BOX 8219 $11.00 PUNK
CAPTAIN SKY (SOUL) Sir Jam A Lot/Elementary School Of Funk US EX TEC 768, BOX 8139 $6.00 RARE
CARA,IRENE Fame/Out Here On My Own USA oldie, out of print, RSO 8031, VG++ in BOX 8233 $5.00 GIRLS

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