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TAYLOR,R. DEAN Dixies Hands/Bonnie USA DJ Jane 2058 EX BOX 8040/8206 $15.00 RARE
TAYLOR,R. DEAN Well Show Them All USA DJ M/S EX 76 FARR 001 BOX 8006/8013 $8.00 RARE
TAYLOR,R. DEAN Shadow USA DJ 2:50 mono both sides, Rare Earth 5041 from 1971, VG++ BOX 8058 $15.00 RARE
TAYLOR,R. DEAN Ain’t It A Sad Thing/Back Street USA PS Rare Earth 5023, VG++ BOX 8041 $20.00 RARE
TAYLOR,R.D. Bonnie/Dixies’s Hands USA DJ Jane IRDA 2058 EX BOX 8029 ’77 $10.00 RARE
TAYLOR,ROGER Let’s Get Crazy Tonight USA DJ ’81 Mono/stereo from QUEEN BOX 8033 $15.00 RARE
TAYLOR,ROGER and YOSHIKI (QUEEN related) Foreign Sand/Had To Be...UK PS blue vinyl #d edition, BOX 8248 $25.00 RARE
TAYLOR,ROGER from QUEEN Surrender(7" mix)/London Town(7" mx) UK PIC DISC 7" numbered BOX 8167/8169/8201/8222 $18.00 RARE
TAYLOR,SAM "THE MAN" King Sized Blues/Anytime USA Big Top Records EX 3043BOX 8071 $25.00 RARE
TAYLOR,TOT I Wanna Play The Drums Tonight/An Appointment With You UK PS EX $8.00 RARE
T-BONES Sippin And Chippin/Moment Of Softness USA VG++ LIBERTY 55867, instrumental group evolved into Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds, tso table, then BOX 8194 $8.00 RARE
TCHAIKOVSKY,BRAM x-MOTORS Shall We Dance/Miracle Cure UK PS VG++ Arista 403, 1981, co-produced by Nick Garvey from THE MOTORS filed (DS) $5.00 RARE
TCHAIKOVSKY,BRAM x-MOTORS Lullabye Of Broadway/Criminal UK PS EX $5.00 RARE
TCHAIKOVSKY,BRAM x-MOTORS Im The One Whos Leaving/Amelia UK 7" pic disc VG++ BOX 8212 $9.00 RARE
TCHAIKOVSKY,BRAM x-MOTORS Girl Of My Dreams(long/short)US DJ EX $5.00 RARE
TCHAIKOVSKY,BRAM x-MOTORS I’m The One That’s Leaving/Amelia UK PS VG++ $5.00 RARE
TEA SET Stranglers related Keep On Running/Flaccid Pot UK PS 80 Hugh Cornwall produced, BOX 8124/ $11.00 RARE
TEAM 23 Whatever Moves You/Move Into The Rhythm, UK, ska/punk 81 Race Records 002, VG++ BOX 8125, slight label tear on one side, also box 8117 $50.00 PUNK
TEAR JERKS Chances Are/Walking Girl/+2 US PS EX w/Lungfish members, on Simple Machines #11, 1992, BOX 8215/8218 $15.00 PUNK
TEARDOPS You Won’t Be There/Tears Come Tumbling USA VG++ 60s girl group, Musicor 1139, in BOX 8212 $18.00 GIRLS
TEARDOPS You Won’t Be There/Tears Come Tumbling USA VG++ 60s girl group, Musicor 1139, in BOX 8212 $15.00 GIRLS
TEARDROP EXPLODES Treason/Books, Dutch unique sleeve, 1980 Mercury 6059 386 EX Box 8126 $35.00 RARE
TEARDROP EXPLODES Ha Ha I’m Drowning/Poppies In The Field/Read It In Books/Bounding Babies UK PS gatefold picture sleeve,Mercury issue of early Zoo 45s BOX 8108 $18.00 RARE

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