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VANN,TOMMY and THE ECHOES Pretty Flamingo/I’ll Forget Her Tomorrow USA VG++ Baltimore 60s group Academy 120 BOX 8136 /8182 $15.00 RARE
VANN,TOMMY/PROFESSIONALS Soul Sister Annie/For Goodness Sake USA 60s Baltimore psych/soul, Capitol 2168 VG++(h) (cb)/BOX 8136 $25.00 RARE
VAPORS Turning Japanese USA DJ 7" 45 S/S UA 1364 ’80 BOX 8006 $8.00 RARE
VAPORS Turning Japanese/Talk Talk USA original VG++ UA 1364 ’80 BOX 8112/8121/8164//8241/8029/8250 $6.00 RARE
VARDIS Silver Machine(Hawkwind cover)/Come On UK title sleeve LOGO Var 3, 1981 BOX 8026 $18.00 METAL
VARIANT CAUSE Out In The Streets For Love Again/You Put Me In The Hospital USA PS 1985, KDT label, Seattle, AOR band , in BOX 8234 $9.00 RARE
VARIOUS CATCH OF DAY w/Shudder To Think and Unrest US PS white vinyl, BOX 8034 $15.00 PUNK
VARIOUS LOVITT EMPIRE w/Blue Tip/Monorchid/Shivers/Frodus US PS VG++ $9.00 PUNK
VARIOUS Hot Rock Action vol2 w/Moto Caster/+3 US PS EX $6.00 RARE
VARIOUS Carlos Comp:4 punk EP w/Serotonin,others US PS $6.00 PUNK
VARIOUS A Change For The Better(5 groups) US PS EX D.C.H.C. $10.00 PUNK
VARIOUS Fools Paradise,’91 comp,calif.punk(5 bands,inc. PMS/Suckerpunch/downcast,more)PS red vinylBOX 8055 $20.00 PUNK
VARIOUS VEHICLE:w/Holy Rollers/Edsel/Corm/Trust US PS EX, BOX 8081/9082 $14.00 PUNK
VARIOUS Polka Slam w/Culture Shock/Bolt Thrower/+2 UK PS $10.00 PUNK
VARIOUS The First One: w/Wildman Fischer/Mohawk Brothers/Ragnar Kvaran Group/Tulsa City Truckers USA #d promo EP ’81 33 1/3, BOX 8011/8194 $20.00 RARE
VARIOUS SOUNDS EP w/Pussy Galore/Killdozer/Mega City 4/plus 2 UK PS VG++ $8.00 PUNK
VARIOUS ODD MAN OUT w/G.I./BMB/Shudder To Think (black vinyl) US PS M- $10.00 PUNK
VARIOUS Teriyaki Asthma #IX (w/Superconductor/Stymie/Crackerbash/Trash Can School USA PS ltd on C/Z yellow vinyl, BOX 8059 $16.00 PUNK
VARIOUS THD comp w/Downside/Reach/Porcelain Boys,..US PS $8.00 PUNK
VARIOUS ODD MAN OUT w/Shudder To Think/BMB/G.I./MFA US PS green vinyl $15.00 PUNK

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