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WARRIORS Fighting For The Earth/Only The Strong Survive UK PS EX BOX 8007 $9.00 METAL
WARWICK,DEE DEE (Soul) It’s Not Fair(Gamble/Bell)/Girls Need Love(Gamble/Huff) USA EX Mercury 72788, drill hole in label, BOX 8113 $11.00 GIRLS
WARWICK,DIONNE You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling/Window Washing USA DJ date on label, SCEPTER 12262, BOX 8144 $9.00 GIRLS
WARWICK,DIONNE Who Can I Turn To?/Don’t Say I Didn’t Tell You So, X on A side, but flip is better song by far!! SCEPTER 1298 VG++ BOX 8159 $14.00 GIRLS
WARWICK,DIONNE Who Gets The Guy USA DJ, same both sides, Scepter 12309 VG++ BOX 8128/8185 $7.00 GIRLS
WARWICK,DIONNE There’s A Long Road Ahead Of Us/live hits medley on flip USA DJ EX Arista 0630, 1981 $8.00 GIRLS
WARWICK,DIONNE Odds And Ends/As Long As There’s An Apple Tree(both are Bachrach-David USA DJ VG++ SCEPTER 12256, 1969 , BOX 8102 $9.00 GIRLS
WARWICK,DIONNE (SOUL Make It Easy On Yourself/(same) USA DJ LIVE version, Scepter 12294, BOX 8188 $8.00 GIRLS
WARWICK,DIONNE (SOUL) Once You Hit The Road USA DJ M/S VG++ WB 8154, 1975, Thom Bell produced, in BOX 8230 $8.00 GIRLS
WARWICK,DIONNE (SOUL) Keepin’ My Head Above Water USA DJ M/S WB 8501, 1977, BOX 8207 $5.00 GIRLS
WARWICK,DIONNE (SOUL) Hurts So Bad/Love On Man, USA VG++ promo stiscker on Hurts side, SCEPTER 12336, BOX 8160 $9.00 GIRLS
WARWICK,DIONNE (SOUL) I Just Don’t Know What To Do.../Heartches USA DJ VG+ Scepter 12167, in BOX 8232 $5.00 GIRLS
WARWICK,DIONNE (SOUL) with BARRY MANILOW Run To Me USA DJ EX, S/S Arista 9341, 1985, BOX 8192/8193 $6.00 RARE
WARWICKE,DIONNE (SOUL) Amanda/Hes Moving On USA DJ red X on A side, Scepter 12326 BOX 8183 $8.00 GIRLS
WAS (NOT WAS) Out Come The Freaks(3:57 edit)(4:57) USA VG++ Island 49756, 1981, in BOX 8242 $5.00 RARE
WAS NOT WAS Spy In The House Of Love/Dad Im In Jail UK PS EX BOX 8017 $7.00 RARE
WAS NOT WAS Tell Me That I’m Dreamin’ USA DJ M/S ’82 thru Island 202014 (3:26 edit from 12") BOX 8088 $8.00 RARE
WAS NOT WAS Spy In The House Of Love/Day I’m In Jail USA PS VG++ CHRY 43266 mm $4.00 RARE
WAS NOT WAS Walk The Dinosaur/11 Miles An Hour PS German VG++ $11.00 RARE
WAS NOT WAS Anything Can Happen(R&B mix)/Anything Can Happen UK PS EX BOX 8017 $7.00 RARE
WAS NOT WAS Walk The Dinosaur USA PS DJ 1988 3:38 remix S/S Chrysalis 43331 BOX 8122/8144 $7.00 RARE
WASHINGTON,DINAH Mad About The Boy/God Bless The Child UK PS commercial tie-in from 1992 BOX 8014/8068 $13.00 GIRLS
WASP 95 Nasty/Easy Living(Uriah Heep song) UK PS EX 86 metal BOX 8006 $11.00 METAL

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