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ELLIOTT,ALECIA Have Youself A Merry Little Christmas(3:35) color inserts, 2000 MCA DJ CDBOX 8081 $4.00 CD
ENGLAND,TY Redneck Anthem/(edited version as well) DJ CD, picture label, Triple T RecordsBOX 8081 $4.00 CD
ENIGMA Sadness/Mea Culpa/Return To Innocence/Age Of.../Beyond Invisible Pro sampler USA $15.00 CD
ENYA Carribean Blue, 3:57 album version, back insert USA promo CD single Reprise 5142, 1991 $9.00 CD
ENYA Anywhere Is/Book Of Days/Carribean Blue/Orinoco Flow CD Japan w/OBI $15.00 CD
EVERCLEAR When It All Goes Wrong Again(3:53)w/inserts,inc.lyrics USA promo $7.00 CD
EVERET,JACE Bad Things(2:41 remix) Epic DJ advance, stickered cover, printed label CDRBOX 8081/8181 $4.00 CD
FALKNER,JASON Can You Still Feel?(full CD,promo advance on Elektra ,design lbl,back ins. $15.00 CD
FEEDER Cement, USA DJ CD, 3:17 w/:58 audio bio, back ins. ELEKTRA 9853 $8.00 CD
FERRY,BRYAN Limbo(4:28 latin vers.)(3:56 Brooklyn vers.)(5:00LP)(6:36 Latin mix) w/ins. Rep 29101988DJ CD $9.00 CD
FOO FIGHTERS Learn To Fly (3:52) UK promo CD w/insert FOO 01 $11.00 CD
FUZZY Girl Don’t Tell Me/It Started Today/Tough It Out w/ins. UK cd single EX $9.00 CD
GARBAGE Stupid Girl (3:46 Tee’s Radio Mix)(4:18 LP)Almo 8000.sealed $9.00 CD
GILMAN,BILLY O Holy Night(3:56)2001 Epic DJ CDm color back insert BOX 8081 $4.00 CD
GILMAN,BILLY Warm And Fuzzy(epic printed label advance DJ CD) BOX 8081 $5.00 CD
GODFATHERS Sun Arise/I Want Everything UK PS from ’86, BOX 8063 $12.00 CD
GRATEFUL DEAD DICK’S PICKS sampler from 7-12, 6 songs, very long, cardboard cover on Arista $16.00 CD

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