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BALDRY,LONG JOHN You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling USA PS DJ S/S w/Kathi McDonald, EMI AMERICA 8018 EX BOX 8021/8088 $8.00 RARE
BALDRY,LONG JOHN You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling USA (w/o pic sleeve, EMI sleeve) DJ S/S w/Kathi McDonald, EMI AMERICA 8018 EX BOX 8021 $5.00 RARE
BALDRY,LONG JOHN Cuckoo/Bring My Baby Back To Me USA DJ circa 1965, Ascot 2229 VG++ BOX 8074 $30.00 RARE
BALDRY,LONG JOHN Let The Heartaches Begin/Hey Lord You Made The Night Too Long(co-written by young Elton John as Reg Dwight) USA VG++ WB 7098, BOX 8094 $15.00 RARE
BALDRY,LONG JOHN simplay as John Baldry Iko IkoYou Can’t Judge A Book USA DJ VG++ WB 7597, 1972, in BOX 8230 $9.00 RARE
BALL,DAVID She Always Talked About Mexico/Whenever You.. BOX 8004 $5.00 USCW
BALL,DAVID Watching My Baby/Someplace To Forget $2.00 USCW
BALL,EDWARD The Mill Hill Self Hate Club/Wrapped Up In Lonesome Places UK PS EX BOX 8127 $14.00 RARE
BALLARD,RUSS Treat Her Right USA DJ M/S VG++ Epic 50542, x-ARGENT...BOX 8218 $6.00 RARE
BALLISTIC KISSES 5 O’clock World/Samurai Toys UK Ensign 227, 1982 BOX 8222 $7.00 RARE
BALLOONS FOR THE DOG Assasination Candidate/Tuna Tonite USA PS DC prog indie Random Radar 4501 from ’80 BOX 8144/8092(several copies)/8097 $16.00 RARE
BALTEK,THE Manworld/Houseboat USA PS ’80s DC area indie band, Talking Heads influened, EX, BOX 8055 $15.00 PUNK
BALTIMORA Tarzan Boy/flip by Technotronic USA GREEN vinyl EX BOX 8057/8139 $9.00 RARE
BALTIMORA Tarzan Boy USA DJ 3:49, S/S, Manhattan 50018, Recorded in Italy, BOX 8016/8031/8060/8116/8207 $5.00 RARE
BALTIMORE & OHIO MARCHING BAND Condition Red/Lapland USA great instrumental, Jubilee 5592 wol VG++ BOX 8178/8225 $25.00 RARE
BAM BAM AND THE CALLING Scraping Off The Shine/Colum McKeever Sings UK PS EX Damon O’Neil produced(Undertones) BOX 8150/8172 $11.00 PUNK
BAMBALAMS No One Else(remix)/ Gettin’ Over You PS aussie, 1986 on Citadel025 EX BOX 8092 $15.00 PUNK
BAMBALAMS Deliver My Love/Mean Thang PS aussie, Citadel 019, 1985 EX BOX 8092 $15.00 PUNK
BAMBOOS Virginia/Snuff PS aussie EX Citadel 024 BOX 8130/8217 $15.00 PUNK
BAMBOOS With Which To Love You/Winded PS Aussie, Citadel 034 ’87, great one!! BOX 8092 $15.00 PUNK
BANANA AND THE BUNCH youngbloods Back In The USA USA DJ M/S VG++ WB 7626/Raccoon 11, 1972, in BOX 8232 $8.00 RARE
BANANA BOYS Come Into My Life/What Will Your Mama Say USA (H) Uni 55194 VG++ A side early JIMMY CLIFF song, producer COUNT PRINCE MILLER BOX 8028/8214 $20.00 RARE
BANANA’S BUNCH King Kong Goes Ape, USA break-in 45 w/Hall & Oates,Heart,Chicago & More BOX 8050/8144 $10.00 RARE
BANANA’S BUNCH King King Goes Ape/Ape Stomp USA DJ copy USA Break-in 45 w/Hall & Oates,Heart,Chicago & More BOX 9001/8031/8081 $10.00 RARE

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