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WINE,TONI Long Distance Kissin’ USA DJ M/S Entrance 7510, 1972 VG++ BOX 8075 $12.00 GIRLS
WINE,TONI Let’s Make Love Tonight USA DJ M/S VG++ ATCO 6773 BOX 8187 $6.00 GIRLS
WINE,TONI I Want To See Morning With Him/A Groovy Kind Of Love USA DJ ATCO 6800 BOX 8115/8142 $20.00 GIRLS
WOMENFOLK My Heart Tells Me To Believe/The Way I Feel(early Gordon Lightfoot song) USA DJ RCA 8562, A side wr. by Addrissi Brothers, BOX 8200 $8.00 GIRLS
WONACK,LEE ANN I Hope You Dance USA DJ remixes 12" single $15.00 GIRLS
WOOD,ANITA Two Young Fools In Love(Jack Clement song)/Memories Of You USA DJ VG++ SANTO 9008 BOX 8085 $15.00 GIRLS
WORKMAN,NANETTE The Queen USA DJ M/S Big Tree 16965, disco hit, 1976, VG++ BOX 8072 $6.00 GIRLS
WRIGHT,BETTY (SOUL) I Love The Way You Love USA DJ M/S ALSTON 4594, VG++ BOX 8161 $12.00 GIRLS
WU,WENDY Let Me Go/Love Tonight UK PS VG++ x-PHOTOS $4.00 GIRLS
WYNTERS,GAIL Crawling Back/It’s Daytime USA DJ VG++ Hickory 1530 BOX 8033 $8.00 GIRLS
WYNTERS,GAIL Bring The Boys Around/Basic Blue USA DJ Hickory 1644 VG++ BOX 8033 $8.00 GIRLS
WYRICK,BARBARA Left Over Love USA DJ M/S, ’77 country, Callipe 8005, in BOX 8228 $4.00 GIRLS
YATES,LORI Promises, Promises(3:03 pop version) USA DJ S/S 1989 Columbia 01575 EX BOX 8050 $8.00 GIRLS
YOUNG,TRACIE Invitation/Country Code UK PS í85 on Respond sbs 3 BOX 8127/8209 $12.00 GIRLS
YOUNG,TRACIE I Can’t Leave You Alone/19(Wickham Mix) UK PS Paul Weller produced, BOX 8209 $11.00 GIRLS
YURO,TIMI (SOUL) When Something Is Wrong With My Baby/Nothing Takes The Place Of You USA EX ’79 Willie Mitchell produced, FREQUENCY 101 box 8179 $20.00 GIRLS
YVONNE,ELLIMAN Everything’s Alright/Heaven On Their Minds , both from Superstar, flip cast chorus, Decca 32870, BOX 8207 $6.00 GIRLS
YVONNE,ELLIMAN Nothing Rhymed/Speak Your Mind USA DJ Decca 32987 BOX 8051 $11.00 GIRLS
YVONNE,ELLIMAN If I Canít Have You USA DJ M/S EX RSO 884, Bee Gees wrote from Saturday Night Fever, BOX 8191 $6.00 GIRLS
YVONNE,ELLIMAN and MICHAEL JASON Could We Start Again Please?/BEN VEREEN-Heaven On Their Minds from SUPERSTAR, Decca 33018, , in BOX 8231 $14.00 GIRLS

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