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YACHTS Suffice To Say/On & On(live) UK PS bonus 45 from Radar SAM 98, 1978, EX BOX 8143/8158/8178/ $12.00 PUNK
YACHTS Suffice To Say/Freedom (Is A Heady Wine) UK in Stiff company sleeve, STIFF buy 19, 1977, BOX 8063 $7.00 PUNK
YACHTS Box 202/Permanent Damage UK PS VG++ RADAR ada 42, 1979, BOX 8165 $11.00 PUNK
YACHTS Look Back In Love Not In Anger M/S USA DJ VG++ Polydor 2049 í79 BOX $9.00 PUNK
YACHTS Suffice To Say/Freedom (Is A Heady Wine) Belgium on yellow vinyl, w/art sleeve on Stiff, 1977, BOX 8166/8178/8234 $18.00 PUNK
YARD TRAUMA Eyes/Traumatized/Priority Male USA PS ed of 2000 on Green vinyl, (1 gold vinyl copy each BOX 8143/8081)Dionysus 4511, BOX 8220, 8235 $15.00 PUNK
YARD TRAUMA Try It/Christmas Tyme USA PS EX í83 BOX 8129/8133/8142/8149/8153/8168 $13.00 PUNK
YEAST Crisco Wristwatch EP:Too Much Of Nothing/This US PS C/Z 015 BOX 8075 $13.00 PUNK
YOBS Rub A Dum Dum/Another Christmas UK PS (The Boys)BOX 8015 $15.00 PUNK
YOUNG BUCKS Get Your Feet Back On The Ground/Cold Cold Morning UK PS punk/pub BLUEPORT 1 BOX /8097//8209/8244 $15.00 PUNK
YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS Sometimes I Wantcha For Your Money/One Day You Die, Spain on Munster, label sleeve, BOX 8072 $16.00 PUNK
YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS Itís Gorilla Time/Mo Gorilla USA PS on Telstar,translucent PURPLE vinyl, BOX 8156 $9.00 PUNK
YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS Divorce #9/Halloween 247, USA PS 1990, promo hole in upper right corner, BOX 8170/8210 $14.00 PUNK
YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS Donít Blame It On Yoko/Big Book US PS EX (gold vinyl) BOX 8126/8061/8220 $7.00 PUNK
YOUNG JACQUES w/Paley Brothers/Cars Jacques Costeau/Sink Or Swim USA PS 1981, EX, BOX 8213 $20.00 PUNK
YOUTH BRIGADE First Demo Summer í81, wraparound lyric PS, orange vinyl, limited press produced by Skip Groff, already OUT OF PRINT!, BOX 8250 $15.00 PUNK
YOUTH OF TODAY Disengage/Modern Love Story/Envy US PS Revelation 17 VG++, no insert, box 8195 $15.00 PUNK
YUMMY Happiness Is.../Piss 'N Boots US PS EX Seattle-punk $10.00 PUNK

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