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COVERDALE,DAVID posy WHITESNAKE Last Note Of Freedom/(flip not DC, HANS ZIMMER-Car Building)UK poster PS VG++BOX 8074 $11.00 METAL
COVERDALE/PAGE (David & Jimmy) Take Me For A Little While/Easy Does It USA VG++ GEFFEN 19254, 1993, BOX 8168 $7.00 METAL
COVERDALE/PAGE (David & Jimmy) Take A Look At../Waiting On You UK 7" #d pic disc, BOX 8144/8102/8189 $22.00 METAL
COX,JESS Bridges/Check It Out UK PS EX x-Tygers Of Pan Tang on Neat 26, 1983 BOX 8202/8012 $40.00 METAL
CRACK THE SKY Lost In America(4:08 stereo each side US PS DJ Palumbo song, Grudge Records BOX 8046 $12.00 METAL
CRACK THE SKY Techi Generation/Suspicion Lifesong 45081 EX BOX 8068 $6.00 METAL
CRAWLER Stone Cold Sober/One Too Many Lovers USA wolM/S VG++EX Epic 50442, 1977, BOX 8070 $6.00 METAL
CRAWLER Stone Cold Sober USA DJ M/S EX Epic 50442, 1977, REMIX BOX 8060 $8.00 METAL
CREED The Real Me(WHO song)/Westminster Abbey USA , ’77 Canadian hard rockers on Celenration 1007 thru Buddah VG++ BOX 8080 $8.00 METAL
CRISS,PETER from KISS You Still Matter To Me/Hooked On R&R USA rare KISS solo CASA 961 EXBOX 8029 $25.00 METAL
CRISS,PETER from KISS Dont You Let Me Down USA DJ M/S EX from KISS, Casablanca 952 78 from KISS BOX 8030 $20.00 METAL
D.A.D. Sleeping My Day Away/Ill Will UK PS metal $6.00 METAL
D.C. STARZ Blue Sparks/Keeper Of The Keys USA DJ VG++ Secant 05, 70s DC Metal band BOX 8131 $30.00 METAL
DAMN YANKEES Where You Goin Now/This Side Of Hell UK PS EX w/Ted Nugent, BOX 8097 $11.00 METAL
DAMN YANKEES with Ted Nugent Silence Is Broken(4:19 radio remix)/Double Coyote USA EX WB 18612, 1992, BOX 8097 $7.00 METAL
DAMN YANKEES with Ted Nugent Come Again(radio mix)/(single mix) USA EX WB 19408, 1990, BOX 8097 $7.00 METAL
DAMN YANKEES with Ted Nugent High Enough/Piledriver USA WB 19595, 1990, in BOX 8097 $7.00 METAL
DANGER DANGER Baby Now I/Thy Will Be Done UK PS EX Mercury MER 352 $8.00 METAL
DANGER DANGER Comin’ Home/Crazy Nites UK PS metal grp on Epic 658133 ’92 $8.00 METAL
DANGER DANGER I Still Think About You/Just What Dr. Ordered(non-LP) UK PS metal group $8.00 METAL
DEDRINGER Sunday Drivers/We Don’t Mind UK PS Dindisc 10 ’80 Brit Metal BOX 8132 $16.00 METAL
DEEP PURPLE Strange Kind Of Woman/Im Alone USA DJ WB 7493, BOX 8215 $25.00 METAL
DEEP PURPLE Kentucky Woman/Hard Road USA VG++ Tetragrammaton 1508, BOX 8160 $8.00 METAL

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