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BEYR Positive Affirmation/Lunaire icelanic band PS EX í82 post punk 33 1/3 BOX 8081 $30.00 PUNK
BIBBLE PUPPY/MUSIC MACHINE Hot Smoke & Sassafrass/Talk Talk, USA deleted USA re-issue on Original Sound 4534, BOX 8145 $6.00 PUNK
BIG AUDIO DYNAMITE Other 99 USA PS DJ S/S Columbia 08094, BOX 8068 $6.00 PUNK
BIG BLACK Il Duce/Big Money USA PS VG++ í85 Homestead 042 BOX 8009 $18.00 PUNK
BIG CHIEF Brake Torque/Glare PS Australia, edition of 1000, ID 001 PINK vinyl from Barry, x-NECROS BOX 8079/8095 $25.00 PUNK
BIG CHIEF Get Down & Double Check/An Ordeal USA PS BLUE vinyl Get Hip 125/MD90 w/Barry x-NECROSBOX 8067/8092 & (DS)/8040 $8.00 PUNK
BIG CHIEF Friday Night August 14th/Bong Wrench UK PS EX fon Snake Skin BOX 8171 $12.00 PUNK
BIG CHIEF Drive It Off/500 Reasons PS CLEAR vinyl x Necros on Get Hip 142 BOX 8040/8171 $11.00 PUNK
BIG CHIEF Blowout Kit/Chrome Helmet USA PS White vinyl Sub Pop 53 only 3000 w/x-NECROS guy BARRYBOX 8067 $15.00 PUNK
BIG CHIEF Time,Dirt,Money/Brake Torque UK PS (only 3000 made)EX Pigboy 7 +w/x-NECROS guy BARRY HENSLER BOX 9001/8217/8076/8177 $9.00 PUNK
BIG CHIEF with Barry from THE NECROS 500 Reasons/Drive It Off on Repulsion, pressed in Germany (DS) $14.00 PUNK
BIG CHIEF with Barry from THE NECROS One Born Every Minute/Lot Lizard, euro/uk pressing on white vinyl, Sub Pop 106/282 (ds)BOX 8108 $15.00 PUNK
BIG CHIEF with Barry from THE NECROS Strange Notes USA 1-sided blue marble vinyl, GERMS song, flip is etched, card backing in PVC sleeve on Sympathy 157, EX, BOX 8095 $15.00 PUNK
BIG CHIEF with Barry from THE NECROS One Born Every Minute/Lot Lizard USA PS ub Pop 229, BOX 8095 $15.00 PUNK
BIG MISTAKE Big Ego 10 song EP, Conneticutt punk 1989 on Green Vinyl w/PS EX BOX 9001/8171 $22.00 PUNK
BIG SELF Surprise Surprise/Take Me Away UK PS VG++ ’81 on Reekus 002, BOX 8194 $16.00 PUNK
BIKINI KILL New Radio/Rebel Girl/Demerip USA PS EX prod by Joan Jett, BOX 8022 original $18.00 PUNK
BIKINI KILL I Like Fuc*ing/I Like Danger USA PS EX BOX 9001/8195 $20.00 PUNK
BLACK AND WHITE Reflex From Pain EP, 90s reissue on WHITE vinyl, two additional tracks, VG++ in BOX 8224 $15.00 PUNK
BLACK FLAG Nervous Breakdown EP US PS SST re-issue on red vinyl EX, small center hole, SST 001, BOX 8140/8212 $25.00 PUNK
BLACK FLAG Six Pack/Iíve Heard It/American Waste US PS original, large center hole, VG++ BOX 8193 $25.00 PUNK
BLACK FLAG TV Party/To Run/Rules US color PS EX SST 012 issue, w/Henry Rollins BOX 8184/8236 $9.00 PUNK

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